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MSI Rugby Club & Academy

The youth program will work in conjunction with USA Rugby, Rookie Rugby, RugbyPA, and RugbyDE at Maplezone Sports Institute with the primary function to provide kids with an additional platform to play sports, be active, build social interactions, and have fun. Ultimately, we want to see kids playing at the youth level progressing up through high school and even collegiality.

The youth rugby program will be based out Maplezone Sports Institute in Aston, PA with equipment, fields, coaches, registrations, and coverage all being provided by Maplezone. Being youth rugby, it will be non-contact using flags with contact coming at the older age group in a controlled setting. Each participant will pay a registration fee; the more participants, the lower the costs.

Participants will meet once-a-week at Maplezone or we can offer an aftercare/school program where our coaches come to the school. The sessions will be 6-8 weeks one hour in length.

Rugby is open to all ages and genders with no experience necessary; and has been categorized as the fastest growing team sport in the US.

Additionally, Maplezone will offer an academy team for U15 and high school boys and girls. With the regular season being spring, summer, and winter.


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