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**New Immunization Regulations for 2017-2018**

The Pennsylvania Department of health has amended regulations regarding immunizations required in the school setting. The changes are specifically important for all students entering Kindergarten, 7th and 12th grades as well as new students to the district.

In addition to requirements for Kindergarten, students entering 7th grade require a dose of Meningococcal vaccine and Tdap (Tetanus, diphtheria and acellular pertussis). New for 2017, students entering 12th grade will require a second dose of meningococcal vaccine.

A child must have all medically appropriate vaccines or a documented plan from a physician’s office for completion or risk exclusion from school. New regulations require this with-in the first 5 days of school. Previously the grace period was 8 months. Due to this extremely shortened time line, we are asking your help in getting the required paperwork to the school nurse’s office. Most students who go for their yearly physical exam will have completed these requirements.

Notices for students without proper documentation on file are being mailed home. If you receive a notice, please check with your physician’s office regarding these requirements and submit the most recent copy of immunizations to the school nurse or a plan for completion. Forms for a plan of completion are available from your school nurse.

Thank you for your help! Please feel free to call your school nurse with any questions.