• Interboro's KtO Grant 5 Year Grand Total surpasses

    $3.2 million 


    Interboro School District is a proud recipient of the Keystones to Opportunity (KtO) Striving Readers Grant. The KtO initiative is a federal grant Pennsylvania has received to improve literacy outcomes for students birth through grade 12. PA is one of 6 states in the country to receive the funding. This five year initiative focuses on the establishment and implementation of a comprehensive approach to literacy instruction including both the content of literacy as well as the process of instruction.


    A major component of the Keystones to Opportunity Striving Readers Grant is to facilitate the acquisition of a common language and understanding of best practices in literacy attainment across the state of Pennsylvania. All KtO targeted teachers must participate in 9 baseline training modules to support an increase in literacy content knowledge and skills. The brochures below highlight the knowledge and skills presented within each baseline training module.



    The Interboro Local Comprehensive Literacy Plan was written to provide guidance to stakeholders for implementing an integrated, aligned, and comprehensive set of literacy experiences for children (Birth-grade 12). This document is a fluid document that is continually evolving as Interboro's literacy environment continues to grow. Interboro's LCLP was developed by a team of stakeholders and is guided by Pennsylvania's Comprehensive Literacy Plan.

    Click here to access Interboro's Local Comprehensive Literacy Plan


Teacher Professional Development Topics

  • Literacy Design Collaborative

    The Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC) provides practical supports and common tools to help develop high quality assignments, instructional modules and courses, which will increase college and career readiness.
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  • Reading Apprenticeship

    Reading Apprenticeship continues the literacy instruction which begins with the Building Blocks of Literacy.  Reading Apprenticeship is targeted for both Middle Schools and High Schools thus, facilitating Literacy Transitions by providing a common framework and language for literacy instruction.
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  • Supporting Learners with Special Needs

    There must be high expectations for all learners and a belief that all are capable of gaining literacy skills that enable them to be successful as adults.  Instruction must address the full range of learners, must be differentiated to meet each child's needs, and requires a well-integrated system connecting general, compensatory, gifted, and special education.
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  • Using Data for Literacy Decision-Making

    The Using Data for Literacy Decision-Making focuses on creating a culture of data-driven decision making by supporting implementation of Berhnhardt's Multiple Measures Data logic model at the state, regional and local levels.
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  • Universal Design for Learning

    UDL removes barriers in the classroom and offers flexibility in how students learn and present information through engagement and resiliency and through differentiation o instruction.
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