Your student will start after all paperwork is finalized and submitted for approval by the Superintendent

    Step 1:   Print or pick up a Registration Packet
    Step 2:   Gather below documents and information
    Step 3:   Print and fill out the appropriate forms listed below 
    Step 4:   Come into Registration Office and register your student(s).  Once you have a start date from our office, then you should give your old school the date that will be the childs last day.  When ever possible, we would like there to be no gap in days in school.




    In addition to the Registration Forms, you must bring with you...

    Student Documents

    Student's State Issued Birth Certificate
    Student's Current Immunization Records
    Student's IEP, 504, and/or GIEP (if applicable)

    Parent / Guardian Documents

    Proof of Residency: 
    If you are an ISD homeowner, please bring in 1 of the following:

    • Current Property/School Tax Bill
    • Current Mortgage Statement

    If you are renting within the ISD:

    • Current Lease (Must list ALL Tenants including children. If you have a month to month lease, you will need to provide a letter from your landlord stating your lease is current and list all tenants including children.
    • Lease Verification Form completed in its entirety (Print this from our Forms section or pick up one at the Registration Office) 
    • Please be advised that all leases are verified by landlords/owners, prior to the completion of the registration process.

    If you are living with an ISD homeowner:

    • Multiple Occupancy (MO) Packet  (Print this from our Forms section or pick up one at the Registration Office) 

    As well as:

    Picture ID with correct name / address (PA driver's license or PA ID)

    • Update Card and Picture ID together is acceptable
    • Internet Address Change Receipt with Picture ID is acceptable

    1 Current Utility Bill:  Bring in 1 of the following...

    • Water Bill
    • Gas Bill
    • Phone Bill
    • Electric Bill
    • Cable Bill
    • Can be a printed bill from an online account
    • Can be a confirmation letter from the utility

    1 Additional piece of mail showing correct name and address


    If you are a single parent without custody papers, you will need to complete the Affidavit of Custody and have it notarized.  This form is in the packet.

    Please bring with you any Custody, Guardianship, or Foster Papers (if applicable)