Homework plays an important role in keeping the home school connection strong. It is extremely important that you work with your child to develop good homework habits beginning now in kindergarten. If you complete each week’s activities with your child, then your child has a greater chance at achieving academic success. Therefore, I am asking that you put the appropriate amount of time in completing homework with your child. The completion of homework is dependent upon the parent’s involvement. Your child cannot and should not complete activities without guidance and positive support from you.


    Each Monday, your child will bring home a special homework folder containing the activities which are to be completed throughout the week. Please note that some activities are required to be completed and others may be optional. There will be a weekly homework page explaining each activity. Use this as your guide. The homework activities are intended to reinforce skills that we are practicing in school. The activities will not always be written tasks. In fact, many are not. However, these activities are still important and are still required to be completed for homework.  Please make sure your child is completing all of the homework so that they can benefit from the extra reinforcement. Please return the homework folder no later than Friday of the same week.