• The 2016 School Performance Profile was publicly released on October 13, 2016.

    The School Performance Profile is a building level academic rating based on a 100 point scale. 

    It is important to note that PDE acknowledges, "The SPP uses a formula that is heavily dependent on standardized test scores." As such, the Wolf administration is committed to making the SPP a "more holistic measurement tool for schools and communities."  In future years, we look forward to a more holistic measure that takes into consideration all of the amazing things happening on a daily basis at the Interboro School District!  

    We are proud of the achievement and growth evidenced by Interboro's schools as noted in the below chart. 






     To access the public School Performance Profile site to view the complete calculations that contributed to the above scores, please click below:

     PA SPP Site



  • A Note on the 2016 High School Performance Profile:

    We are very proud of our high school students as they continue to meet the challenges of our District’s rigorous academic coursework.  The dedication of all teachers, staff, and administrators in our K-12 continuum has helped us maintain a clear vision for teaching and learning.  The collaborative efforts between our central administration and high school administration has led to changes resulting in positive growth and increased achievement for our students. We celebrate the hard work of high school teachers and staff, and their devotion to creating supportive and engaging learning environments. While we are pleased with these outcomes, we do look forward to PDE’s redesign of the SPP formula to include more holistic measurement tools for schools and communities. - Berndette C. Reiley, Superintendent of Schools


                       IHS SPP Change


    Check out the Oct. 18, 2016 Delaware County Times article on the School Performance Profile mentioning the High School's improved School Performance Profile and the District's comparison to Delaware County!: 



    Please find the below presentations developed by Interboro's school administrators (presented on Oct. 12, 2016) to provide a further explanation of the building-specific academic scores along with key highlights and areas of continued focus.