• First Grade Program: 

    Beginning Awareness Basic Education Studies (BABES)
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    B.A.B.E.S. is a nationally recognized curriculum that uses animal puppets combined with storytelling to give practical information on the topic of substance abuse prevention and education.  The curriculum includes age-appropriate content that motivates children to interact with the characters and the puppets to comprehend the lesson.  Each session runs approximately 35 minutes in grades 1-3.   Puppets present real-life scenarios and solutions. Youngsters learn about life skills from puppets Buttons, Bows, Early Bird, Myth Mary, Donovan Dignity and Recovering Reggie. These furry puppets are part of the B.A.B.E.S. program held once a week for five weeks for youngsters ages 6-9 in elementary schools. Children learn about positive life skills, such as self-image, decision-making, peer pressure and coping skills, as well as alcohol and drug information through stories with puppets, songs and activities.


    2nd Grade Program: 

    Songs for Peacemakers is a fun and entertaining way to introduce and reinforce conflict resolution principles with your students and to make peace education part of your curriculum! This highly

    acclaimed program uses music to teach children to solve their

    problems peacefully, without fighting.

    THE PROGRAM presents an overview on why teaching

    conflict resolution is becoming a necessity in today's

    increasingly violent world, and why using music to teach peace

    education is so successful with young children.

    The songs on the CD are a fun way to reinforce conflict

    resolution principles.

    3rd Grade:
    Playing Fair 
    4th Grade: 
    Respecting Individuals Differences 
     5th Grade:
     Middle School Orientation in the Spring  
    5th-8th Grade - Monthly Bullying Lessons 
    September - SWAT
    October - Empathy
    January - Rumor and Gossip
    February- Courage
    March - Kindness