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    Welcome! The Interboro High School French Club is an organization devoted to promoting the French language and culture, as well as the importance of learning about foreign affairs.

    We have regular meetings where we celebrate holidays and prepare for upcoming events.

    Officers are elected in the beginning of the year. They are in charge of running the meetings and delegating responsibilities. All members are eligible to participate in club activities. The club encourages creativity, socialization, and cooperation among students.

    Club Activities

    Meetings are held regularly after school in Room 230. We often have snacks. All members are encouraged to join a committee such as food, activities, trips, and decorating.

    Throughout the year, there are multiple trips and parties in which all four language clubs are involved. In the spring there is also a language club trip to New York City, which involves taking a bus and exploring the city with members of other language clubs.

    The French Club sponsors the trip to Longwood Gardens in December. Members of the language clubs go in the evening and look at the holiday decorations and eat dinner. 

     Foreign Language Learning

    Learning a foreign language has proven to be beneficial in numerous ways. It increases your understanding of other people and cultures. It also improves your English because of shared vocabulary, therefore helping on the SAT and Keystone exams. In addition, it increases listening and reading comprehension skills.

    Students are also better at problem solving, and are more capable of higher-level thinking.

    Foreign language learners are also more culturally aware than others. They tend to understand more about history and traditions, and as a result are more desirable to future employers.

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