Degrees and Certifications:

Villanova University: Bachelors Degree in English Masters Degree in Secondary Education Room 233

Mr. Cullen

This year will mark my 10th year teaching at Interboro High School. My main objectives are to expand the horizons of the students, and help them to venture off into the world of diversity with an open mind, armed with a voice and a pen. I wish to help the students become capable of viewing each situation that they encounter in life from multiple perspectives, and instill them with a sense of power and control over their own outcomes. If these objectives are to be achieved, there is a need for a wide range of literary materials that will be able to reach each individual student.

The best learning environment for students is one where the students can feel comfortable, safe, and confident in themselves. In this type of environment, students are able to maximize their learning experience, express their full potential, and achieve an education to the best of their ability. For these reasons, I demand that all students are respectful of others at all times, in order to ensure an atmosphere of comfort, safety, and confidence.

The study of English serves to broaden the horizons of the student, and challenge the student to “think outside the box”. Students will be encouraged to be active parts of the class, engage themselves in class discussions, express their opinions and perspectives, and use their voices, as well as pens, to share their thoughts and ideas. It is only through intense dialogue and consistent writing that students are able to gain confidence, understand themselves and the world around them, formulate their own ideas and positions regarding certain aspects of society and life in general, and express themselves effectively in a coherent manner through verbal and written language.