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Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. in Biology SJU Hahnemann University Graduate credits in Clinical Microbiology M.S. in Education SJU

Mrs. Audrey Reinsel-Hughes

     Welcome to my world ....won't you come on in...........I am happy to say that I am beginning my 21 st year at Interboro High School.  I enjoyed my vacation but I am looking forward to another school year filled with new faces and experiences.  In addition to teaching Advanced Biology, 10th grade Biology and Integrated Science, I am the Environmental Club sponsor.  What in the world???!!!!  It's obviously something to do with nature but with a twist........members of the club act as mentors to the Kindergarten Academy students throughout the school year.  These Enviromentors instruct the children on Environmental topics while walking the trails of the John Heinz Wildlife Refuge or at the Academy while performing a web site search.  
     For all of my freshmen students......get ready to rrrrrrruuuummmmmbbbbblllleeeee  in the following areas included within Integrated  Science..........Chemistry, Ecology and Physics.

     Junior and Senior many bones in the human body, how many muscles, do you consume GMO's and why are Wetlands sooooo important.......these are just some of the topics we will break into, stretch or minds with, eat and drink and get our feet wet with over the school year.

    Now for all of my Keystone peeps, this means you 10th grade Biology students, we will prepare for the Keystone exam which will be administered in May. It sounds heavy but we will try to keep it light and interesting throughout the year.

    What was fun for me this summer you may be wondering (or not)......I'm an avid tennis player and I have had the opportunity to play at the National Level on 4 occasions.  I have also held many top rankings over the years.  I also enjoy boating, bird watching and yard sales.  My husband and I love the outdoors and we have 3 cats.

     Finally........BUC PRIDE.....have it, work it, live it.............shaping the minds of today for their thoughts of tomorrow.