Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Ruiz

About me:

I grew up in Mexico City and part of my family is from Spain. I received my Bachelor’s degree and Master’s in Mexico City in Education (Pedagogy) and Psychology of Education. I also completed the “Teachers” Certificate in English as a Second Language.

I worked as a guidance counselor, assistant principal, student mentor, teacher in the university, English teacher (ESL) and reviewer of thesis for university students.

When I moved to the USA, I had the opportunity to have Chestnut Hill College validate my teaching credentials. I became a Spanish teacher at Interboro High School in 2002. Since then I have been part of The Interboro Family. Since I believe in lifelong learning, I continued studying in the USA and received two Master’s Degrees through Wilkes University.

My goals are to:

  1. Teach our students vocabulary and grammatical expressions to communicate in Spanish.
  2. Engage students in conversations and help them learn Spanish by interpreting, writing, listening and reading in the target language
  3. Have students acquire information and recognize the nature of the language through cultural comparisons.
  4. Have students communicating in Spanish in school and outside of school.

Spanish has become the second language in the USA and I believe that if our students communicate in Spanish they will be able to get better jobs, careers and personal opportunities.

Besides teaching:

I am a professional flamenco dancer and I am still actively performing throughout the country with different dance companies. It is very important for me to exercise and to keep myself in shape.

For this reason, I support the idea of students being involved with sports, band, choir and or any after school related activities.