Mrs. Venturini

Phone: 610-237-6410 X-2305 Room 305


Degrees and Certifications:

BS in Mathematics, University of Oklahoma MA in Education, Widener University Physics Teaching Certificate, IUP Modeling Physics Certificate, AZ State Univ.

Mrs. Venturini

What you should know about Mrs. V . . .

I've been here a very long time (since January, 1986).  Maybe I taught your parents?  I love Physics, and especially Physics Olympics!  If you're interested see me or Mr. Conte.  I also love soccer, and so recently became the JV women's soccer coach here at IHS.  I love my family, which includes my husband and five children, (two still in college), my children's spouses, and a grandchild on the way.  I love my bikes, and ride them whenever possible.  

In the past I have taught Math (various), computer programming, environmental science, and AP Physics.  Currently I teach Further Studies in Chemistry and Physics, Honors Physics, CP Physics and Physical Science.  I believe learning is an active process, thus there cannot be a teacher without a student. That is why I am a Certified Modeling Instructor.

Modeling Instruction in Physics was recognized in 2000 by the U.S. Department of Education as one of the seven best K-12 educational technology programs out of 134 programs evaluated.  Modeling Instruction is grounded on the notion that true scientific inquiry is centered on the construction, validation, and application of conceptual models that allow us to organize our understanding of the physical world.  The Modeling Method corrects many weaknesses of the traditional lecture-demonstration method, including fragmentation of knowledge, student passivity, and persistence of naive beliefs about the physical world.  Unlike the traditional approach, in which students wade through an endless stream of seemingly unrelated topics, the Modeling Method organizes the course around a small number of scientific models, thus making the course coherent.