Our Home & School Officers are as follows:
    Lisa Sadsad/President      609.238.9898      
     Holly Ladigowski/ Vice President    610.453.6569
    Kim Buck/Treasurer            484.432.6234      
    Jen DeFrancisco/Co-Secretary           610.580.6429     
    Jill Mirieder/ Co- Secretary       610.996.8769
    Please feel free to email or call us with any questions.     We also have a
    Facebook page -   Tinicum Home & School.     Please request to be a
    friend and you will be updated on different events, fun days, and fundraisers, etc......


    Home & School Meetings:    We have Home & School Meetings every 3rd Monday
    of each month.    They are also posted on the School Calendar.    They start at
    6:30 pm in Tinicum School Library.
    8th Grade Committee:     The 8th Grade meetings are right after the Home &
    School Meetings each month.    If you are interested in being involved, please
    come to the meetings.   They start approximately 7:15 pm.     8th Grade
    sells soft Pretzels every Tuesday morning before school.  
    Popcorn & Alex's Lemonade:    We sell popcorn & lemonade each Monday right
    after school.     Popcorn is .50 cents, and lemonade is .25 cents.     
    The popcorn benefits Home & School.    The Lemonade goes towards
    Alex's Lemonade Stand.     We were able to donate $300 towards Alex's last year.     
    Thank you to everyone that bought each week.    
    Pull Tabs from cans:     We save pull tabs off cans.    We collect them and drop
    them off at the Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia.     They melt down
    the metal and money goes towards helping families with sick children.     Please
    save and send them into school.    This is a great charity.
    We really try to make the school year fun for the kids.     We hope that all the
    parents come out and help with different events during the school year.    It means
    a lot to us, and especially alot to your kids.        The more your kids get involved in
    school, the more they will like school and look forward to going.

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