• PreK Counts Application Procedures for the 21-22 School Year

    ISD will begin to accept PreK applications on March 8, 2021.   Applicants will be informed of acceptance beginning on May 7, 2021.  Slots will be filled based on prioritized need.  A prioritized waiting list will be maintained once the District’s 51 slots are filled.

    To make an appointment to apply for Interboro's PreK Counts program, click the link and you will then recieve an electronic application!  

    Make your appointment to present your application materials by clicking here .

    Once your appointment is confirmed, you will receive an electronic application packet from Docusign.  It may take up to 48 hours to receive this packet.  Complete the packet right from your personal device and click Finish.  If the application packet is not completed by the appointment time, you will need to reschedule your application appointmnet.  

    When attending your application, please make sure to bring the following required documents:

    • Birth Certificate of child
    • Current immunizations
    • Financial Documents
    • Residency Documents

    Homeowner: current Mtg Statement or tax bill

    • Current utility bill
    • Additional piece of mail
    • Photo ID with current address (passport)

    Renter: Current lease with your name and child's name, if not current also bring renewal letter

    • Current utility bill
    • Additional piece of mail
    • Photo ID with current address (passport)

    If you are living with a tax payer please complete the Multiple Occupancy packet, have it notarized and bring the required documents.

    Please bring custody papers or foster paperwork when applicable.


  • Early screenings are important. As a PKC provider, Interboro shall ensure all children have had the opportunity to receive the recommended vision, hearing, and health screenings. By August 20, 2021, families are requested to submit the following documentation.  If the child’s screening is not current (within 180 days of the start of the school year), Interboro SD will provide these services during the school year.  Examinations must be dated between February 1, 2021 and August 1, 2021.

    Dental Form to be completed by Dentist

    Physical Examination Form to be completed by Physician




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