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Moving into the Interboro School District? Check with us to make sure your address lies in the Interboro School District boundaries.

Our school district has a Kindergarten Academy and the Interboro High School for all students who reside in the boundaries of the Interboro School District.

Residents who live in Norwood and Prospect Park, attend the Norwood and Prospect Park Elementary Schools, in the town in which they reside.  

Residents in Tinicum, Essington and Lester, attend the Tinicum School. 

Glenolden School does have boundaries as some parts of Glenolden are in the South East Delco School District.

Please call the office at 610-461-6700 ext. 1279 to confirm that your Glenolden address resides in the Interboro School District.

Also, you can always go to the Delaware County Public Access site that you can simply enter an address and see the property and appropriate school district.