• Glenolden School is located in the Interboro School District. It is one of four community schools in the district. We educate approximately 600 students in first through eighth grade. Glenolden School's excellent and dedicated staff provide a developmentally appropriate education for each of its students. All children can learn and grow to their potential in a warm, caring, structured and safe atmosphere. Our focus is on improving the academic achievement of all students while nurturing their social and emotional development. The academic program at Glenolden School provides students with a solid foundation in language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. In addition, students can also demonstrate their talents in the areas of expressive arts. The staff has had extensive training in new methods and strategies that support the district's curricula and the state's performance standards. They are a group of highly dedicated professionals who care deeply about their students.  Combining all of the ongoing training, schooling and experience, this staff brings the best instructional methods and strategies to our students. Parents and community members are vital partners in everything we do at Glenolden School. Volunteers are encouraged to work with children, assist staff, and serve as mentors. Home and School creates many opportunities for our students and is always looking for more volunteers. At Glenolden School  there is a place for all interested people to devote their time and talents in a collaborative school environment.

    To support our rigorous learning environment, Glenolden School has adopted the Positive Behavior Support System, which guides our students to making good choices and rewards them constantly for their efforts.
    We ask our students to show their PRIDE everyday.
    P- Preparation
    R- Respect
    I- Intergrity
    E- Excellence in Education

    If you would like to learn more about Glenolden School or have any questions, please contact the Principal, Miesja Cubito at miesja.cubito@interborosd.org.