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Absence Reporting


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    Excused/Lawful Absence

    For purposes of this policy, the following conditions or situations constitute reasonable cause for absence from school:

        Illness, including if a student is dismissed by designated district staff during school hours for health-related reasons.
        Obtaining professional health care or therapy service rendered by a licensed practitioner of the healing arts in any state, commonwealth or territory.
        Family emergency.
        Recovery from accident.
        Required court attendance.
        Death in family.
        Participation in a project sponsored by a statewide or countywide 4-H, FFA or combined 4-H and FFA group, upon prior written request.
        ​Observance of a religious holiday observed by bona fide religious group, upon prior written parental request.
        Nonschool - sponsored educational tours or trips, if the following conditions are met.
            The parent/guardian submits a written request for excusal prior to the absence.
            The student's participation has been approved by the Superintendent or designee.
            The adult directing and supervising the tour or trip is acceptable to the parents/guardians and the Superintendent.
        College or postsecondary institution visit, with prior approval.
        Other urgent reasons. Urgent reasons shall be strictly construed and do not permit irregular attendance.

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    Planning a trip during the school year which will require your child to miss school? Download the "Pre-Approval Non-Educational Trip Form" here.


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