Dear Parents/Guardians:

    Please fill out a daily lunch ticket for your child. Include your child's PIN number (5 digit id) and check off menu choices. 
    Ticket must be filled out by the parents/guardians.  Teachers will collect them each morning. All children who purchase lunch (including free /reduced eligible) must hand in a ticket.  
    Options for paying for lunch:
    - send in $2.60 for full lunch (in envelope marked with child's name/teacher)
    - if purchasing a drink only (.75 for water; .50 for a millk) 
    - send a cash or check amount (KA School Cafeteria) to cover a week or month of lunches (in envelope marked with child's name/teacher).
    • My School Bucks is now available to make your child's lunch account payment by using: myschoolbucks.com.

    Bon Appetit!