• Dismissal ID Tags:  Kindergarten Academy

    Each family will receive four Dismissal ID tags. Your child’s name will be printed on the front of each card. These tags MUST be shown to the school staff at the school office and to bus drivers or monitors in order for your child to be released.

    NO CHILD WILL BE RELEASED TO AN ADULT WITHOUT A DISMISSAL ID TAG. This is for your child’s safety and security. If your child is bused to a state approved daycare in the district, please provide the daycare staff with a dismissal card (to be presented to the Interboro School Bus driver/monitor).

    Any parent or designee not presenting a Dismissal ID tag at dismissal or bus pick- up will be asked to go to the school office to present identification (driver’s license or photo id) before the child can be released.  If Dismissal ID tag is not presented at the afternoon bus stop (by a parent or designee) an attempt to verify identification with the school office will be made. Students may need to be returned to their school  if identification cannot be verified by the bus driver or monitor.


    Back Up Plan:

    It is recommended that parents/guardians take a photo (of the official school issued Dismissal ID Tag) using their cell phone in the event that the Dismissal ID Card is forgotten at pick up time
    In order for the orderly dismissal of students, those with the actual Dismissal ID Tag will be called first and cell phone photos will be called last.



    Additional Dismissal tags will be available in the school office, if you need a replacement. Parents/guardians are responsible for the safe-keeping of these important cards.

    Please call the school office if you have any questions or concerns:  610-957-5401