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              With the winter months quickly approaching, we are staying warm and cozy at Tinicum School.  2019 is going out with a "bang" and our students and staff are all looking forward to what the New Year is going to bring.  To quickly wrap up this year, we have had another wonderful and productive summer getting ready for our students in September.  Our teachers have had some outstanding and informative training to better meet each of our student's needs as they returned from their summers.  We handed out a bunch of new coats to families who needed them and we, once again raised a large sum of money for the National Juvenile Diabeties Association though our annual walk.  The bricks are finally in place in the lobby that were purchased last year from community members (Stop in and see them).  You are also in for a treat this season as our band and chorus have been endlessly practicing for their concerts. 

               We have also been using SMORE as a paperless form of communication... (if you still have not seen one come through your phone or email, please contact the main office (610) 521-4450.  We look forward to seeing each of you in the New Year!  Happy Holidays!