• Office of Operations

    Welcome to the Interboro School District Facilities page. We are proud to be an important role in support of the educational process for our students and ultimately, the mission of the district. The Facilities Department maintains all schools and sports complex buildings in the Interboro District, which covers an area of 5.32 square miles in Delaware County with a population of more than 45,000 residents.

    The Interboro School District Facilities Departments mission: 

    • maintain all of our buildings, both mechanically and from a custodial perspective
    • maintain all district grounds

    Our office is located at the Administration Building, 900 Washington Ave, Prospect Park, PA 19076. We can be contacted at 610-461-6700.

    Maintenance Department

    The maintenance department is staffed by five full-time mechanics, with expertise in all maintenance trades. Typical duties include the maintenance and repair of all facilities, movement of all materials, mail delivery, as well as involvement in minor construction projects. Fabrication and installation of various pieces of equipment are also common place. Seasonal work ranges from athletic field preparation in the warmer months to snow removal in the winter, as well as equipment repairs and maintenance. Several mechanics are trained in Johnson Controls Metasys System and along with the Director of Facilities manage and monitor district wide HVAC systems and energy management.


    Custodial Department

    We strive to provide the safest, most attractive, and cleanest environment for our students, staff, parents, and community. We work year-round,   during the day and evening, on school days as well as on weekends. Building Head Day Custodians along with the High School Engineer are trained in the Metasys HVAC system and monitor/ manage building HVAC systems for optimum energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

    The custodial teams utilizes current cleaning technologies and employ Green Cleaning Technologies for a safer learning environment utilizing renewable cleaning products that are Eco-Friendly.


    We supply support services for our students, staff, and the Interboro School district community as a whole. For more information about use of our facilities by outside groups, you may contact Facilities & Operations at 610-461-6700.