Interboro Athletics - ImPact Test - Grades 9 & 11 ONLY

  • Fall Sports & Band -

    Dates July 25,28  Aug 1,3, 4  10:00 AM - 2:00 PM Cafeteria (High School)  Must bring Chromebook

    ImPact at Home Testing Instructions

    • All athletes in 9th and 11th grade (and 8th graders that are playing freshmen football) need to have a completed ImPact Baseline test before Aug 10th, 2022.
    • Coaches will need to obtain email addresses from all athletes that need to take the test and forward them to the Athletic Trainer (Jenna Syken).
      • School emails are preferred
    • The Athletic Trainer will then generate codes from the ImPact website that will be sent to the athlete’s email that was given.
    • The athletes will receive an email with a ONE TIME USE code, that expires in 90 days from it being sent.


    Instructions on Taking the Test

    • Please use Internet Explorer to take the test
    • A parent/guardian must be present when test is being taken.
      • Please do not help the athlete taking the test
    • Test should be taken in a quiet environment.
      • No cellphone use, music playing, or group setting while taking the test.
    • You will have received the email detailing how to complete the assigned test from any ImPACT compatible device
      • Enter additional demographics in the beginning of the test, DO NOT SKIP THAT PORTION
      • The beginning of the test will be all your personal information
      • You cannot go back to read the directions once you started.
    • There are about 7-9 sections that need to be completed.
    • If the screen freezes, press the f5 key to resume.
    • If you get kicked off or if the test shuts down for some reason, please email the Athletic Trainer for a new code to be sent.
    • Once you have finished the test, you will automatically be taken to a “confirmation page”
      • Enter your email address to receive your confirmation email and passport ID
      • Send your passport ID to your coach and/or athletic trainer upon completion.

    If you have any questions or need help, please email the Athletic Trainer at:


    Jenna Syken LAT, ATC