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    Interboro Education Foundation (IEF) was incorporated for charitable and educational purposes on September 13, 2019.

    The 2020 worldwide pandemic postponed the roll out of IEF, as school administrators, teachers, students, parents, and guardians navigated the changed world of education. Beginning in the 2021-2022 school year, IEF's board of directors eagerly began to develop IEF. Our hope is to ensure our schools have the ability to provide educational opportunities for our students as they prepare for colleges and careers. 

    Interboro Education Foundation and Interboro School District operate independently, both for the benefit of the district's budding learners.

    The Foundation strives to raise funds and apply for grants to enhance school programs and activities not normally funded by the district's operating budget.

    Our Community of Schools: Interboro High School, Kindergarten Academy, Pre-K Early Learning Academy, Glenolden School, Norwood School, Prospect Park School, and Tinicum School.



    The vision of IEF is to enhance existing school programs through grants to teachers and contributions for new, unique, and innovative projects. IEF is funded through generous contributions from caring individuals, area businesses, and ISD alumni as well as through community fundraising events and activities. The Foundation will identify and secure revenue sources to support these goals.  



    The primary beneficiaries of IEF are the Interboro students, teachers, and community; with diminishing resources and greater expectations, IEF will provide an avenue to expand existing educational opportunities in preparing students before post-secondary education or entering the workforce.   


    Who Benefits?

    Our teachers benefit with funds and mini-grants, fostering contemporary and creative approaches to education.

    Our students benefit with knowledge and enrichment received from quality public education; they gain a groundwork for lifelong learning.

    Our community benefits with educated and prepared young adults, joining our neighborhoods and businesses. 

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